Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Life Insurance an important component in your family’s financial planning. With life insurance in place, you don’t have to worry about medical bills, final expenses, debts, and estate taxes if something happens to you. Royalty Insurance is a Texas Life Insurance Agency. Royalty Insurance has specialized Life Insurance agents that work with you and can answer all your questions. Royalty Insurance is the best life insurance agency because it offers the largest amount of options for life insurance at an affordable rate.

There are three different types of life insurance: 

  • Universal life policy
  • Whole life policy
  • Term life policy
Life Insurance Policy

Life Insurance Policy

Universal Life Insurance Policy

Universal Life Insurance Policy is permanent life insurance that is characterized by flexible premiums. This type of life insurance can build cash value, an investment savings element plus low premiums. With this type of life insurance policy, you would only receive the death benefits.

Whole Life Insurance Policy

Whole Life Insurance Policy is a form of permanent life insurance that remains your entire lifetime as long as you pay your premiums, as opposed to term life insurance policy that only remains a specific amount of years. Whole Life Insurance policy is paid out to a beneficiary upon the death of the policyholder (as long as premiums were always maintained). The Whole Life Insurance policy will pay out death benefits but also includes a savings component; the policyholder can invest this component or even borrow against it.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is also known as pure life insurance is a life insurance policy that guarantees payment of death benefits during a specified term. With a cheaper premium than whole life insurance, this type of life insurance has no guaranteed value other than the death benefits. A term life insurance policy would be dependant on a person’s age, health, and life expectancy.

Life Insurance Policy

A life insurance policy falls into two categories permanent life insurance and term life insurance. Term life insurance is like a car insurance policy, you pay monthly and get coverage for a certain period of time. Permanent life insurance has an investment component that allows you to accumulate cash.

Is Life Insurance a good investment?

A life insurance policy is an alternative investment strategy, many who get a permanent life insurance policy will use the savings component to leave a tax-sheltered legacy for their heirs.

Best Life Insurance

What type of life insurance is the best?
We offer many different types of policies built for you, so we can make sure the life insurance policy fits what you are looking for. Life insurance policies can be complex, mostly when you add the savings component. Royalty Insurance is the most popular choice for insurance companies to save money on life insurance policies. Have a question, give us a call!

Life Insurance Quote

Royalty Insurance will help quote your custom life quote that fits you. Have questions? message us, call us or email us.


Life Insurance Companies

Life Insurance is important when looking to protect your family. Give us a call at

Royalty has a wide variety of life insurance carriers available at a better rate with these carriers and more:

Life Insurance Quote

Royalty offers a custom quote for life insurance.


Best Term Life Insurance

The best term life insurance depends on what your needs are. Life insurance is an important insurance policy to carry for your spouse and children. Royalty Insurance Agency will help you find a policy that fits your needs and budget. Get a quote fast!

Best Life Insurance Policy

The best life insurance policy is either term or permanent life insurance depending on your needs. Royalty Insurance will help you dig through all the complexities and find you a fitting life insurance policy. Have a question? Call us.

Best Life Insurance Policy

Why Get Life Insurance?

Life insurance can protect you or your loved ones from paying expenses in the event of an accident or illness where you pass. Royalty Insurance is a life insurance agency with agents that specialize in life insurance and will help you get the right policy.

Why Get Life Insurance?

Why Get Life Insurance?

Life Insurance Policy

A life insurance policy is an insurance for your spouse and family. It’s important to set this up before you get ill to provide for your family and ensure they will be financially relieved in case of something happening.

Life Insurance Protects