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Royalty Insurance is independently owned and locally operated to handle your insurance needs. We focus on offering affordable and reliable insurance choices all across Texas. Royalty Insurance head office is located in Plano, Texas. Royalty Insurance handles auto insurance, life insurance, homeowners insurance, and business insurance. 12


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Royalty Insurance strives to offer you quality insurance coverage, a high level of professional service and a long-term relationship.

As independent insurance agents, we’ll research rates and coverage from top insurance companies to find the best insurance rates and insurance plans for you. We do the shopping and comparing for you to save you time and money!

Carlos Huerta
Beth Hunt


Our Friendly Staff


I refer my clients to Beth Hunt because I know she will take the time to find the best insurance policy and rates to match their needs! As a result, I have happy clients! Thank you Beth!

Jennifer Sundquist

Coming from someone in the industry, Royalty Insurance is a wonderful resource for you to compare insurance rates/quotes with ONE easy phone call or email. They are VERY responsive, VERY friendly, and have the clients' best interest at hand. I would not hesitate to reach out to them for your insurance needs. You will get the royal treatment!

Chad Lemons

Blown away. Very impressed. Extremely satisfied and confident. A content individual. Professionalism and competence abound. Look fwd to many more rewarding, positive experiences.

Scott Covell

These folks are terrific to work with. They make the entire process easy and understandable. Highly recommended!

Mark McGinnis

Carlos and his team work wonders for my clients.

Alisha Baty
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